Munkácsy Exhibition in Celldömölk

Slider 4 - Munkácsy Celldömölkön
Exhibition from the Collection
of Imre Pákh

Client: City of Celldömölk

Number of panoramic images: 4

Languages: English, German, Hungarian

Kemenesalja Cultural Center and Library in Celldömölk, Hungary has housed an exhibition of the Munkácsy collection owned by the famous private American collector, Imre Pákh. In addition to some sketches of his early realist paintings, the exhibition also featured pieces from Munkácsy’s salon paintings from the 1880s. The 20 paintings presented at the exhibition gave us an impression of Munkácsy's art in its entirety. This 360° virtual tour belongs to a series of similar projects and focuses on Munkácsy's legacy in Hungary.


​List of features

  • Originally built as a Flash project in 2013, now rebuilt as an HTML5 virtual tour

  • panorama selector menu

  • layout plan of the paintings

  • detail photos of the paintings and their detailed descriptions