Forgotten Castle

Slider 2 - Eltűnt vár
Forgotten Castle

Client: Kazincy Museum, Sátoraljaújhely

Format: website

Number of panoramic images: 2

Languages: Hungarian

A large-scale archaeological research program was launched in 2007 to explore the remains of the castle of Újhely, completely destroyed in the 1540s. Excavation works of this large castle built after the Mongolian invasion and only known from written sources is still in progress. Artifacts found among the ruins help us getting a better understanding of the Middle Ages in Hungary in a broad context. More and more wall remnants are unfolding year by year, and the previously forgotten castle is getting revealed before our eyes. The renewed exhibition presents the results of recent years.

​List of features

  • HTML5 virtual tour project

  • panorama selector menu

  • exhibition content is displayed with detail photos and descriptions