Forest Walkers Guide

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Forest Walkers Guide

Client: Kazincy Museum, Sátoraljaújhely

Format: website

The exhibition of the Kazinczy Museum displays natural values ​​of the Zemplén landscapes. Visitors are invited to four rooms, following the layout of a hypotetical apartment.

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Rocks, minerals and volcanic fossils are presented in the entrance room of the apartment. Volcanic mountains are typical of the local landscape and they have provided construction material for entire cities for centuries. Actually roads are still built using material from operating quarries.
The kitchen houses a collection related to the most notable value of the people living here, namely their local vineyards and orchards. Landscape in Tokaj-Hegyalja has been cultivated for many centuries and it is still striking today. Although looking like a bleak plantation from afar, but locals can still marvel at the mass of colorful wildflowers, smell the thyme, hear the noises of insects and songs of the birds.
The bathroom is a reminder of importance of water to the local communities. Wild waters of river Bodrog and nearby flooded regions are uniquely rich in plants and animals at European level. Surrounding mountain springs provide clean, drinkable water to region and the mountain streams are also inhabited by rare animals.
The living room usually serves both as a place of scientific study and relaxation in a family’s life. Following this layer of abstraction from the viewpoint of nature, forests are similar to living rooms of our apartments. Whenever feeling tired, we can refresh ourselves by taking a walk in a forest for an hour or so. Enormous trees demand respect with their pure size and also provide a shelter for entire living communities to be protected so that our grandchildren could also admire wildlife.

List of features

  • HTML5 virtual tour project

  • panorama selector menu

  • exhibition content is displayed with lots of detail photos and descriptions

  • sounds of typical local animals can be listened to