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Csaba Legány

Csaba Legány



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Home Portfolio Monumentos históricos Catedrales y Iglesias Kapucinus Church Budapest,Hungary
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This is a unique church in Budapest, featuring fragments of a turkish mosque inside the church.

Detailed description of the building

Mosque of Tojgun pasha was built here using stones of a medieval church. There used to be a turkish bath located next to the mosque. Both buildings survived retaken of Buda in 1686, the mosque was transformed into a church by jesuits. It turned out in the 1970s that two walls of the mosque are incorporated into the current church. Fragments of the mihrab and the turkish walls are now to be seen. The monastery was ready by 1716, interior decoration of the church was ready by 1760. The church and the monastery were seriously devastated during the revolution in 1849, the current facade was erected between 1854 and 1856 in romantic style. Church interior was redecorated between 1926 and 1927, new tiled floor and painting was added.