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Lighthouse Hurghada Divecenter 360° Virtual Tour

Photography team of spent a week in Egypt  in June 2010 to create three impressive 3D virtual tours for the request of Lighthouse Inc.

Lighthouse is an international company owning several divecenters and diving ships in Hurghada and Dahab, Egypt. This virtual tour displays their diving center and daily boat in Hurghada.

Number of panoramic images: 10

Languages: English, Hungarian

List of features:

  • zoomable maps with additional photos to show diving places interactively
  • slideshows are displayed on computer monitors and TV screens
  • current weather conditions are displayed in the header of the virtual tour (the English version displays temperature in °F while the Hungarian in °C)
  • location of the dive center is marked on Google Maps
  • clock shows current system time in the office of the dive center

lighthouse hurghada 360