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Denkmal 2010 PDF Print Email

Alike in 2008, represented Hungary as a partner of National Office of Cultural Heritage at Denkmal 2010 exhibition in Leipzig, Germany. We have invited all of our partners, clients to visit the exhibition of Hungary which was to be found in Hall 2 (Halle 2), H02. Denkmal 2010 Trade fair could be visited between 18 - 20 November 2010.

Since this time the main topic of the exhibition is brickwork, we have put together an exciting collection of 3D virtual tours about Hungarian monuments naturally made out of brick.

More than 10 years of experience PDF Print Email was founded in 2008 in Budapest, Hungary in order to revolutionize virtual tour technology. Continuous innovation enables us to be an industry-leading virtual tour provider, now offering its services on three continents. Right until jow, we're the only virtual tour provider company awarded with a UNESCO-prize.

Újhely and the Great War Exhibition PDF Print Email
Client: Kazincy Museum, Sátoraljaújhely
Format: Website

Újhely and the Great War Exhibition 360° Virtual Tour

Exhibition “Újhely and the Great War” invites us to tour the contemporary city. The installation displays buildings and locations that played a key role during the war: the barracks, the railway station, the Central Café, the battlefield patient monitoring station, the Elizabeth Public Hospital, the Red Cross Hospital, and the Heroes' Cemetery were all significant in the everyday life during the war. We can read proclamations on billboards, discover hidden relics, view the world through the lens of a local photographer, send a postcard from the train station, sit down for a coffee in the café, or just listen to the discourse on the organization of the daily routine of local hospitals.


Number of panoramic images: 9

Languages: Hungarian

Church Reconstructions in the Carpathian Basin PDF Print Email
Client: Teleki Foundation
Format: Website

Church Reconstructions 360° Virtual Tours


The László Teleki Foundation is committed to the research and salvage of Hungarian cultural heritage and monuments; to analyze the social situation in Central and Eastern Europe; and to focus on the situation of the ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities living in the states of the Carpathian Basin. We've built a total of 12 virtual tours about their ongoing church reconstruction projects, documenting the enormous efforts performed to save the declining historic heritage.


Churches documented:

  • Gerény, Palágykomoróc, Técső, Visk, Csetfalva, Tiszabökény (Carpatho-Ukraine)
  • Alvinc, Feketegyarmat, Kökös, Küküllővár, Marosszentimre (Transylvania, Romania)
  • Bodrogszentes (Slovakia)


Number of panoramic images: 107

Languages: complete Hungarian, simplified English version included

Premio Pro Arte 2010 PDF Print Email team manager Csaba Legány received Premio Pro Arte award for the concept of a project named 'Virtual graffiti'. The event took place at Hungarian Roman Academy, Via Giulia No 1., Rome, Italy on 25th November 2010.

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