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Gödöllő Royal Palace 360° Virtual Tour


The Royal Palace in Gödöllö is one of the most significant palaces in Hungary. Extensive restoration works were carried out in 2010 to save the currently dilapidating wings of the palace. This virtual tour combines panoramic images taken both before and after restoration was carried out in summer. Although we planned to take all the panoramic images using simple one-shot technology to simplify post-processing, we have changed our mind and decided to take the summer images in high-quality.

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Leitha (Lajta) Monitor Museumship 360° Virtual Tour


A monitor was a type of low body, heavily ironclad warship driven by steam engine, which was equipped with a rotating turret. The first monitor in the world, the USS MONITOR, was built in the United States in 1862. Since this warship design proved to work very well, it has spread all over the world: around 200 monitors were built until 1965, of which only 7 exist today, wholly or partially. One of them is our Lajta. It is unique in that this is the only representative of the version where the steering platform is located on top of the turret.
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The Gallery - Rehabilitation project in 360°

The Gallery is a typical real estate project of turning a run-down factory building into a XXI. Century office and hotel. The factory was abandoned by the 90s and was converted into an undeground cultural center which operated there by 2007. It housed exhibitions, fashion shows and several performances. Walls of the building are covered by thousands of graffitis, some of them are precious. Before the building gets repaired the investors decided to document its state along with the graffitis.