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Spring campaign - Revolution in Hungary, 1849 - Exhibition PDF Print Email
Type: Temporary Exhibition
Format: website for; it was for sale on CD in museum shop
The display of four important and still unknown, rich and constantly increasing private collections gives us a new aspect of the glorious period of the 1848-49 freedom fight, the spring campaign of 1849. Take a 3D Virtual Tour of the exhibition and have a look at items of these important private collections!
Start the virtual tour by clicking on the play icon. Available resolutions:
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The majority of weapons, relics, documents, graphic works and paintings is not to be found in public collections. The Dobák Hermann and Kucza collections give a special selection concentrating on the different types of relics. These objects remind us to the events and at the same time are brilliant artworks themselves. For the first time can be seen relics of the Arad Museum in Budapest and pieces of the Transylvanian Panorama coming from the Tarnów Museum, Poland.

Features supported by this 3D Virtual Tour:

  • Panoramic views: 7
  • Object panoramas: 4
  • Navigation: maps, arrows, panorama gallery and dropdown.
  • Background music, weapon sound effects
  • Video: watch a video about the spring campaign in movie room
  • Textboxes: Staticly displayed scrollable textboxes containing basic information about the exhibition
  • Image info points: museum artifacts are displayed using this component. Short title of each item is displayed below the image, if further information is available, a small "i" icon is displayed in the bottom-left corner. You can read about the author of the artifact, its owner or borrower if you click on this icon.
  • Slideshow: museum artifacts are displayed using this component. Pause the slideshow to read further information about each artifact.
  • More than 150 museum artifacts can be seen using the image info points and slideshow.