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Permanent Exhibition of Kiscelli Museum PDF Print Email
Format: Website

Kiscelli Museum 360° virtual tour

Kiscelli Museum, the Municipal Picture Gallery of Budapest is housed in a former monastery, built between 1745 and 1760 in Baroque style. Its renewed permanent exhibition features the interior of the 18th century Gold Lion Pharmacy. On the upper floor you can also see several rooms with 18th and 19th century period furniture. Particularity of the exhibition on the ground floor is the famous printing-machine made by Landerer and Heckenast on which Sándor Petőfi's poet, the 'National Song' was printed.


Number of panoramic images: 8

Languages: Hungarian

Gedeon Richter Ltd. in 360° PDF Print Email

Client: Gedeon Richter Ltd.
Format: Website

Gedeon Richter Ltd 360° Virtual Tour


Gedeon Richter Ltd, the largest pharmaceutical factory in Hungary, celebrates its 100-year foundation anniversary in 2011. It was Mr. Gedeon Richter, a pharmacist in 1901 who established a tiny company that took place in the "Sas" (Eagle) Pharmacy. Initially, the laboratory that operated on the premises of the pharmacy processed extracts from organs of animals and produced organotherapeutic drugs. By 2011, Richter has become the leading pharmaceutical company of the Central-Eastern European region.

Items displayed at Richter Museum reflect this one hundred years’ experience.  Since this museum can only be visited on prior arrangement, the 360° virtual tour is a very advanced way to promote it to those who cannot visit it in reality. The virtual tour also serves documentation purposes: hundreds of museum items have been catalogged and integrated into our 3D framework. Visitors can pick fast any item to view detailed photos or to get more information on them. A built-in search engine also enables them to browse the items they wish to.

Richter Research Center is a 21st century office and research center located at the heart of the plant in Budapest. Website visitors can marvel at its impressive design (especially the grand staircase) or even peek into the meeting room where a movie placed on the screen explains the 100-year long history of the company.

The virtual tour has been built in 7 languages and each of them has been integrated into the appropriate company website.

Duna Museum PDF Print Email

Client: Duna Museum
Format: Holo-touch screen (semi-transparent hologram touchscreen), the virtual tour became part of the exhibition

Duna Múzeum Virtual Tour

Duna (Danube) Museum is located in Esztergom, Hungary. This museum has a rich collection of various items related to the constructive and destructive force of water. Most of the items cannot be displayed at all times, so the museum decided to create a virtual exhibition showing these items using our 3D virtual tour and Object VR technologies. The virtual tour is also used for educational purposes.

Budai bürger, Pesti Polgár PDF Print Email

Client: Budapest History Museum (BTM)
Format: sold on CD in museum shop

Budai bürger, Pesti Polgár Exhibition Virtual Tour


Budai Bürger, Pesti Polgár was an exhibition about life of citizens of the capital during the 19th century. An extensive 3D virtual tour was created about it with lots of interesting features. Now it is also possible to view the exhibition online.

Freecikli PDF Print Email

Client: Budapest History Museum (BTM)
Format: sold on CD in museum shop



Freecikli was a temporary exhibition of Budapest History Museum focusing on the cultural history of cycling. An extensive 3D virtual tour was created about it with lots of interesting features.

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