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Client: Teleki Foundation
Format: Website

Church Reconstructions 360° Virtual Tours


The László Teleki Foundation is committed to the research and salvage of Hungarian cultural heritage and monuments; to analyze the social situation in Central and Eastern Europe; and to focus on the situation of the ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities living in the states of the Carpathian Basin. We've built a total of 12 virtual tours about their ongoing church reconstruction projects, documenting the enormous efforts performed to save the declining historic heritage.


Churches documented:

  • Gerény, Palágykomoróc, Técső, Visk, Csetfalva, Tiszabökény (Carpatho-Ukraine)
  • Alvinc, Feketegyarmat, Kökös, Küküllővár, Marosszentimre (Transylvania, Romania)
  • Bodrogszentes (Slovakia)


Number of panoramic images: 107

Languages: complete Hungarian, simplified English version included


List of features:

  • Originally built as a series of Flash virtual tours, now completely updated to HTML5 virtual tours
  • each church is built a separate project
  • panorama selector menu includes detailed archeological survey and reconstruction documentation
  • lots of detail photos about all interesting items like frescoes, coffered ceilings etc.
  • church bells can be listened to in selected churches
  • daytime / night shots in selected churches