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Research done for Radisson Hotels (Carlson Group) found that Hotels with a virtual tour achieved on average 135% increase in online revenue over those without a virtual tour. (ROI Case Study, By Joseph L. Ortiz, Ipix)

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St. Stephen's Basilica is named after is named for Saint Stephen I of Hungary, the first King of Hungary. Explore all details of the largest church in Budapest using this virtual tour. You can enjoy the fascinating panorama of Budapest from the top of the tallest church in Pest.


Format: website (only in Hungarian), multilingual CD-version (English, Hungarian, German) for sale in shop of Basilica


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Client: Office of Bishop of Pécs
Format: DVD & Online teaser


Cathedral of Pécs Virtual Tour Cathedral of Pécs Virtual Tour


The diocese of Pécs commemorated the 1000th anniversary of its foundation in 2009. For this reason, the most complex virtual tour ever built about a cathedral has been order by the office of the bishop. The result is a multilingual virtual tour sold in the cathedral on DVD. It not only shows the areas accessible by tourists but also the hidden gems of the cathedral (usually closed chapels, sacristy etc.). Detailed information is provided on both the history of the building and religious events. A shortened online-version - available here - has also been created as a sort of a teaser.