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koh kerFormat: on CD as a special guide book


Koh Ker is one of the least-studied temple areas from the Angkorian period. 3dtour cooperates with an archeological documentation company to create the first 3d virtual tour ever made about this beautiful place. A test system with 10 panoramic images was set up during the first year of the project (2009). It was redesigned in 2010 and extended with further 58 panoramic images to create a complex virtual tour about all significant monuments of the ruined city. It was delivered to the client on multilingual (English / Hungarian ) CD-s.


This project is a result of cooperation of two teams.

  • Photography, photogrammetry (elevations, sections and floor plans): ART'V Mérnöki Iroda (József Vajda József, Ilona Győrfi).
  • Panoramic image post-processing, virtual tour and software development: (Csaba Legány)

Video preview of the test system set up in 2009
Louis Delaporte visited in 1880 during his extensive investigations into Angkorian temples. It was surveyed in 1921 by the great Henri Parmentier for an article in the Bulletin de l'École d'Extreme Orient, but no restoration work was ever undertaken here. Archaeological surveys were carried out by Cambodian teams in the 1950s and 1960s, but all records vanished during the destruction of the 1970s. Hungarian archeologists will document and explore the site for three years.

Features supported by this 3D virtual tour:

  • Panoramic views: 68
  • Languages: 2 (English, Hungarian)
  • Navigation: maps, arrows, panorama gallery and dropdown.
  • Background music, 3D sound effects
  • Textboxes: popup scrollable textboxes
  • Image info points: fine carvings, sculptures are displayed using this component.
  • Slideshows (detail photos to show carvings, aerial photos)
  • Architectural drawings and sections
  • Lintel reconstructions
  • Effects: lensflare