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Presenting hotels and restaurants using our 3D Virtual Tour system

3D virtual tours can be used as marketing tool for hotels and restaurants as well. It is definitely worth having a 3D virtual tour because it significantly increases interest in the client's property.

  • Each new 3D virtual tour contains a Facebook-recommendation system enabling visitors to recommend it directly to their friends. This new type of personal, direct marketing is much better than any impersonal newletter-campaign.
  • Each hotel, restaurant etc. using our 3D virtual tours on its website will be completely unique compared to your concurrents. Besides impressing people, our 3D virtual tours also provide information on the features and services the client has to offer.
  • A CD-version of the virtual tour can be used to advertise the client's property at exhibitions and fairs; furthermore it can be given to VIP guests as a present since there is no better marketing tool than direct marketing.
  • If needed, we can provide the panoramic images in equirectangular format to be used in printed catalogues.

Integration into the client's website is provided by us in cooperation with his webmasters. Usage of a 3D virtual tour doesn't require redesigning or rebuilding of the existing website, only a few links have to be added instead.



In order to get more information about hotels & restaurants using virtual tours, please have a look at these examples:


  • Jewels Sahara
    Hurghada, Egypt

  • Hotel Albergo Giardino
    Balatongyörök, Hungary

  • Kingtut Resort
    Hurghada, Egypt

  • Sphinx Resort
    Hurghada, Egypt