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Client: Duna Museum
Format: Holo-touch screen (semi-transparent hologram touchscreen), the virtual tour became part of the exhibition

Duna Múzeum Virtual Tour

Duna (Danube) Museum is located in Esztergom, Hungary. This museum has a rich collection of various items related to the constructive and destructive force of water. Most of the items cannot be displayed at all times, so the museum decided to create a virtual exhibition showing these items using our 3D virtual tour and Object VR technologies. The virtual tour is also used for educational purposes.

Features of the virtual tour:

  • Number of panoramic images about the museum: 10
  • Number of panoramic images about the pumping station in Sajfok, Tiszasüly (normally cosed to visitors): 6
  • Number of panoramic images about the dam in Kisköre: 2
  • Number of Museum items displayed as Object VR-s: 10
  • Languages: 2 (English, Hungarian)
  • Advanced floorplanning
  • Narrator voice
  • Virtual tabloids: each tabloid is displayed as an ultra-high-scale image with additional popup images
  • Video galleries
  • Videos running on TV screens
  • Museum search engine: search among museum items by keywords


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