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Presenting cultural monuments using our 3D Virtual Tour system

3D virtual tours can be used as marketing tool for cultural monuments including cathedrals, museums as well. It is definitely worth having a 3D virtual tour because

  • this is the only 3 dimensional technology to show hundreds of exhibition items in an easy-to-use way
  • users can search among museum items using our unique search engine
  • pop-up images and slideshows, textboxes, background music and sound effects, integrated videos extend the standard features of these virtual tours
  • it can be published both in an online and a CD/DVD version.


use webThe online version attracts visitors to the monument. It is usually a shortened presentation compared to the one published on CD / DVD. In some cases number of languages is limited.

use cd

The multilingual CD / DVD version can be sold in museum shops producing direct income for the client.




It is very easy to use a virtual tour of cultural monuments. Users have to select the required destination using a menu and will immediately be able to look around there. Integration into the cultural monument's website is provided by us in cooperation with the webmaster of the client. There is no need to redesign or rebuild the existing website of the client, only a few links have to be added instead.

In order to get more information about cultural monuments using our virtual tours, please have a look at these examples:

  • Gedeon Richter Ltd
    Budapest, Hungary

  • Duna Museum
    Esztergom, Hungary

  • Budai Bürger Exhibition
    Budapest, Hungary

  • Cathedral
    Pécs, Hungary