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Randomized sounds

We have extended the sound player component to support random sounds which get only played within a random interval.


Sound gallery: a graphical component to play sounds

A brand-new component has also been released to support collections of sounds (ie. list of sounds of different species for a nature park, or bells of a cathedral). This sound-list component contains a complete sound player with playlist, volume and track control buttons.


Improved background sounds : no more interruptions

A brand-new component has been developed to play backround music without interruption. This means that we can assign a collection of sounds to a collection of panoramic images. As long as you navigate among these panoramas, sound will be played without interruption. However if you navigate to another panorama which is not a member of the previous group, a new collection of sounds will be played. As an example:a collection of sounds is assigned to a collection of panoramas which represent the interior of a church.You can listen to the background music inside the church without interruption while you are inside. If you leave the church, a new collection of sounds will be played.